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Seasonal Produce Recipe Guide

The queen (or a trusted Omnimedia lackey) of everything organized and tidy has gathered seasonally appropriate produce recipes.  Check out the link below and never buy out of season again. Advertisements

Twitter Tips for Going Vegan

The New York Times has asked for tips on going vegan from its Twitter followers.  My favorite advice:  Focus on what you can eat, and not on what you can’t.  Click here to… Continue reading

The Myth of the Paleo Diet

I have been hearing about the Paleo Diet for a few years now, ever since a close friend of mine was convinced by her trainer that the Paleo Diet was the ultimate method… Continue reading

Vegan Dining

I was faced with a frustrating situation while eating out with friends Saturday night.  The restaurant we had chosen was Moroccan and  very well reviewed.  When I explained to the waitress my dietary… Continue reading

The Healthiest Ingredients

In February 2011, Real Simple Magazine published a list of the healthiest ingredients.  24 of the original 30 were whole, plant-based foods.  Full of antioxidants, fatty acids, and fiber, the plant-based foods on… Continue reading

Fearless Plant Based Cooking

After 12 solid years as a vegetarian, I have ventured into the frequently misunderstood and often maligned world of veganism.  For years, when I would mention that I was vegetarian, people would often… Continue reading