Fearless Plant-Based Cooking

After 12 solid years as a vegetarian, I have ventured into the frequently misunderstood and often maligned world of veganism.  For years, when I would mention that I was vegetarian, people would often ask, “But you’re not a vegan, right?”  I would answer, “I’m not that crazy” or “I’ve never seen a healthy vegan” or “You don’t have to kill the cow to drink milk, right?”  It turns out that I was wrong on every account.  If you want to understand my reasoning for going vegan, please watch Forks Over  Knives, read The Kind Diet, or visit Dr. McDougall’s website.

Once I really committed to this new lifestyle, I immediately noticed a change in my body, my skin, and my energy.  I didn’t get an upset stomach anymore after eating, I had more energy to exercise, my skin is clearer than it’s been in a decade, and my body is leaner, more toned.  Knowing the benefits of eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruit, I am also confident that I’m building a healthy foundation for a long life.

This is a blog about delicious recipes, however.  After collecting, concocting, and perfecting recipes for a dozen years, I have some really great ones to share.  One of the greatest compliments I receive from friends and family is that my cooking doesn’t taste vegan.  I don’t often rely on meat substitutes and I try to use mostly unprocessed, whole foods when I’m cooking.  I don’t believe in denying yourself a tasty, sugary, processed vegan snack once in a while, however; a balanced life is all about moderation.  I will prove that you can be completely satisfied and fortified on a plant-based diet, one recipe at a time.

-Jayme Catalano